AT&T enables users to build their own cloud based app without writing codes

Telecommunications major AT&T announced that their customers can build a
cloud-based app without writing a single line of code and make it accessible
from any device, all at the click of a mouse.

AT&T Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables any business professional to build,
develop and deploy cloud-based business apps without the need for complex
coding expertise, while also providing a robust platform for true

“AT&T Platform as a Service is like rocket fuel for developing cloud
apps,” said Steve Caniano, vice president, Hosting and Cloud Services,
AT&T Business Solutions. 

“This is another step in our commitment to helping businesses deliver
cloud-based solutions, and we are unique in our ability to surround the ease of
use of Platform as a Service with the flexibility, reliability and security of
the AT&T global network,” Caniano added.

AT&T is the only telecommunications service provider to offer
enterprise-grade Platform as a Service capabilities in the U.S., pursuing a
piece of the cloud computing market that independent research firm Forrester
Research Inc. estimates will grow from $0.8 billion this year to $12.15 billion
by 2018.

“We’ve been able to radically accelerate our app development and delivery
using AT&T Platform as a Service,” said Juan Perez, CEO, ekeepo, an
independent software company specializing in delivering cloud apps for

AT&T Platform as a Service will offer the following:

A complete cloud-based development and deployment platform

Web tools and customizable templates for software

development, including a
library of 50 pre-built apps which can be customized or used as-is

A high-performance, redundant and scalable infrastructure to run online
applications and databases

Development tools to mobilize applications

Integrated social networking features

7x24x365 infrastructure monitoring, management and support

A monthly per-user fee for access to AT&T Platform as a Service

AT&T’s Platform as a Service capability is integrated with AT&T’s
network-based cloud to offer a complete enterprise-grade package, allowing
application developers to build business apps that can take advantage of the
scale, performance, capacity, security and reliability of the AT&T global

Built with ease of use in mind, AT&T PaaS is based on LongJump’s cloud
technology platform, which has been recognized by Forrester Research in its
evaluations of Platform as a Service providers. The AT&T solution is billed
monthly on a per-user basis, and being cloud-based means it can scale up or
down depending on demand and be billed accordingly.

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