AT&T inks deal with Koppert for communications services

American wireless operator AT&T announced its deal with Koppert for communications services to enhance safety and security as well as distribution of information.

As per the telecom deal, AT&T will connect 42 offices of Koppert, a provider of crop protection, pest management and natural pollination solutions, with a global private network covering 26 countries. The network allows Koppert to run new communication tools and improve cooperation across its global community.

Employees can conduct their research from any office, develop solutions and products and share data and large research files securely.

“It is important for us to share information with all of our offices around the globe, whether they are located in Brazil or China,” said Leon Bakkers, IT co-ordinator at Koppert Biological Systems.

AT&T is assisting Koppert to grow its business in new markets.

John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T’s regional vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company will move Koppert’s current communications platform, managed by local providers and Koppert’s own IT team, to a single network managed by AT&T to improve Koppert’s IT setup and cut costs.

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