AT&T launches Tablets messaging for healthcare sector

By Telecom Lead Team:
Mobile major AT&T has launched two highly-secure tablets messaging offers
to U.S. market to assist healthcare providers to manage regulatory compliance
and the protection of patient privacy in deploying tablets and using messaging.


This is a significant development as the messages that
contain private health information continue to be a focus area for everyone in
the healthcare community.


In addition, hospitals and healthcare providers are
relying upon the flexibility of tablets in light of the increasing number of
healthcare related apps being developed. The challenge facing the healthcare
industry is how it can use messaging and tablets in a way that protects their
patients’ confidential information.


“AT&T is overcoming barriers in mobile
healthcare. Highly-secure mobile solutions make it simple for providers and
patients alike to adopt new mHealth technologies,” said Randall Porter,
assistant vice president, AT&T ForHealth.


The company said AT&T Managed Tablets are a
highly-secure, end-to-end management solution bundling software and services
with any tablet that is easy to purchase and deploy.


The offer enables customers to regulate the use of
tablets by controlling their introduction into the networked environment,
ensuring that the devices have the security capabilities and can be remotely
erased if the device is lost or stolen.


By using AT&T Managed Tablets, healthcare systems and
hospitals can provide highly-secure access to resources, records and
information at the fingertips of healthcare professionals kept in the
facility’s information infrastructure which can provide patients’ information
within seconds.


AT&T Managed Tablets meets a variety of needs;
options range from a fully procured and managed model to a
bring-your-own-device model, where AT&T enables an employee’s personal
tablet to be ready for use in the healthcare field.


“Text messaging is proving to be an effective way to
engage patients in their care, improve patient satisfaction, and even improve
clinical outcomes. Messaging programs have great potential for providing
low-cost, accessible, educational messaging to patients, and we look forward to
additional applications of these powerful tools for reaching diverse and large
patient populations,” said Joseph C. Kvedar, founder and director of the
Center for Connected Health, Partners HealthCare.


Recently, AT&T Mobility unveiled five smartphones and
one tablet powered by 4G LTE and the Android platform at the AT&T
Developer Summit. All smartphones and tablets are planned for availability from
AT&T in early 2012.


AT&T unveils 4G LTE Android smartphones and tablet planned
for early 2012


AT&T has unveiled the new LTE Samsung smartphone,
Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch device with Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
HD, and the Samsung Exhilarate. The Samsung Exhilarate will also be introduced
at an affordable price, below $50.

Additionally, the carrier has introduced the first
LTE-connected Android tablet under $300–the Pantech Element,
with the Pantech Burst, a consumer-oriented device for under $50. For a
limited time, customers may buy the Pantech Element and Burst together on
contract and get the Element for$249.99 and the Burst at no cost.


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