AT&T selects Microsoft as part of public cloud strategy

AT&T Communications announced the selection of Microsoft as part of its public cloud strategy.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella with AT&T Communications CEO John DonovanMicrosoft will also support AT&T for consolidating its data center infrastructure and operations. Microsoft will be the preferred cloud provider for non-network applications, AT&T said in a statement.

AT&T will be migrating most non-network workloads to the public cloud by 2024. The public cloud initiative will assist AT&T to focus on core network capabilities, accelerate innovation for its customers, and empower its workforce while optimizing costs.

AT&T will provide its workforce with cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools available with Microsoft 365, and plans to migrate non-network infrastructure applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

AT&T Communications on Tuesday announced the selection of IBM in a multi-billion cloud deal.
Microsoft will tap AT&T’s 5G network to test, and build edge-computing capabilities. With edge computing and a lower-latency 5G connection enabled through AT&T’s 5G network infrastructure, devices can process data closer to where decisions are made.

Recently, Microsoft and AT&T worked together to test an edge computing-based tracking and detection system for drones.

Microsoft and AT&T will bring to market integrated industry solutions including in the areas of voice, collaboration and conferencing, intelligent edge and networking, IoT, public safety, and cyber security.

The companies already have joint enterprise solutions for networking, IoT, and blockchain in market, and expect to announce additional services later in 2019.

John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications, said: “By working together on common efforts around 5G, the cloud, and AI, we will accelerate the speed of innovation and impact for our customers and our communities.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said: “We will apply the power of Azure and Microsoft 365 to transform the way AT&T’s workforce collaborates and to shape the future of media and communications for people everywhere.”