AT&T slashes unlimited plan price, T-Mobile offers free

call drop and smartpone usersTwo American wireless operators – AT&T and T-Mobile — are introducing new offers to regain their smartphone customers.

T-Mobile is giving an additional line of service free to current customers. Every T-Mobile customer with at least two voice lines can get an additional line for free after bill credits.

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AT&T introduced Unlimited Plus by promising to cut the unlimited plan price by $10 for its first line to $90 per month. AT&T’s new users will be getting a $25 credit toward a DirecTV subscription, U-Verse cable plan or the new DirecTV Now streaming video plan.

The latest offer is also the most expensive in the US. The price of four phone lines from AT&T is $185 per month as compared with four lines for $180 per month from Verizon Communications. Sprint’s basic plan costs $60 for the first line and $150 for four lines.

The price of T-Mobile US is $70 for the first line and $160 for four lines.

AT&T said the price of Unlimited Choice plan is at $60 for one line and $155 for four lines. AT&T said data transfer speed is limited to 3 megabits per second, about a tenth the maximum speed available under its pricier plans.

AT&T and Verizon customers need to face slow data speeds once a subscriber reaches 22 GB use in a month. Sprint wireless customers face slow data after consuming 23 GB and for T-Mobile the limit is 28 GB.