AT&T Takes Top Spot as Sprint, T-Mobile Fall in Mobile Phone Customer Service Survey

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Mobile major AT&T took the lead in customer service quality in
the last three months of 2011 as Sprint and T-Mobile lost ground, according
Vocal Laboratories.

The latest
study on phone-based customer service quality by Vocal lab revealed
that in telephone interviews conducted immediately following a customer service
call during the three months ending December 31, 2011, 69 percent of AT&T
customers surveyed were Very Satisfied” with the experience, up from 65
percent a year ago.

While on the
other hand, 59 percent of Sprint customers gave the experience their top
rating, down 12 points from the end of 2010.

posted a 17-point drop to end 2011 at 48 percent Very Satisfied.” Verizon was
effectively unchanged at 60 percent satisfaction.

Providing a
consistently with high-quality customer service experience requires commitment.
When companies get distracted, or focus on only one part of their customer
experience or product portfolio, the overall customer experience can suffer. We
will be watching Sprint and T-Mobile in 2012 to see if they can recover the
ground lost in 2011,” said Peter Leppik, CEO of Vocalabs.

Recently, AT&T restructured its top management to boost performance and named key
executives to further position the company at the forefront of the industry’s
biggest growth opportunities.

restructuring is happening at a time when AT&T reported 80 percent dip in
profit at $3.9 billion in 2011.

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