AT&T ties up with Mobile Spinach for better ad execution

Telecom Lead America: Telecom major AT&T has
partnered with Mobile Spinach, a provider of mobile local commerce platform to
cater deals to the millions of users on its mobile network.


The mobile local commerce platform is designed to allow
local merchants to reach interested consumers. With the new platform provided by
Mobile Spinach, AT&T now focuses on the time and locations of users to send
relevant ads that bring greater productivity to the advertisers.


Additionally, both companies aim to resolve to the in-app
banner crisis plaguing companies nationwide with this new partnership.


By understanding the consumer’s intent at a certain
time, at a certain place, it gives us a window to provide useful product for
them (users),” John Vitti, CMO of Mobile Spinach.


With an eCPM (RPM) of $4, AT&T said that the results
during the initial launch has been amazing, which proves that by providing
users with relevant products throughout their day, it can benefit all parties


Though the current landscape of mobile is constantly
changing, this partnership plans to solve major issues troubling advertisers,
starting with how advertisers can understand what consumers really want on
their mobile devices.


AT&T launches new custom branded business platform


 Recently, AT&T launched a new custom branded
business platform.  The new platform is part of its enhancements to
AT&T Toggle.


AT&T Toggle enables the separation and encryption of
business data on employees’ mobile devices.


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