Why AT&T’s $650 credit offer is less attractive

Telecom network operator AT&T’s offer of up to $650 in credits to encourage wireless users to shift number from Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile networks is less attractive.

First, the credit will be over a period of 30 months.

Second, wireless subscribers need to purchase a new smartphone on AT&T Next and trade-in current smartphone for availing $650 in credit.

Glenn Lurie, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility, said: “$650 credit is a reward for new customers who switch to AT&T and our buy-one, get-one free is another great reward for our customers in the market for new smartphones.”

Users need to trade-in current smartphone (minimum $10 value) online or in AT&T stores and receive either AT&T store credit or an AT&T Promotion Card in the amount of trade-in value.

AT&T said users will receive an AT&T promotion Visa pre-paid gift card in the amount of the early termination fee or device balance owed on final bill minus your trade-in value.

Both phones must be purchased on AT&T Next, its intsalment program.

The first phone can be a new line or an upgrade, while the second phone must be a new line and purchased on AT&T Next 24.

Users need to add both phones to a plan like Mobile Share Value, for $70 a month for two phones.

After 3 bill cycles or less, users will receive up to $650 spread out over 30 monthly bill credits.

Users need to pay tax on both phones at sale.

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