Avanti Communications to install Newtec Sat3Play Hubs in its earth stations

Telecom Lead Europe: Satellite operator Avanti
Communications is planning to install Newtec Sat3Play Hubs in its earth
stations to extend its IP broadband service on its satellites HYLAS 1 and

Newtec technology enabled Avanti to develop a low risk
and low capital investment entry route for customers wishing to remotely manage
and operate their own Newtec hub infrastructure.

The deployment will assist Avanti’s customers to operate
Newtec’s Sat3Play broadband systems to offer better broadband experience to B2B
and B2C customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We are excited to offer yet another extension to our
portfolio of service platforms and have engaged with the market to create an
innovative commercial approach using our Hosted Network Operator model. By
offering a choice of vendors to our customers, we are able to deliver the
flexibility they require,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief operating officer for

Avanti said the company anticipates further installation
of Newtec’s Sat3Play broadband hubs over the coming months to meet the services
demanded from both its existing HYLAS 1 customers, as well as those
wishing to use HYLAS 2 capacity when it launches this year.

Newtec’s broadband technology has a proven track record
of being highly reliable and efficient. Coupled with the multi-ISP platform
support, we are providing a solution that matches the needs of Avanti’s
customers. In addition our seamlessly integrated high speed FlexACM IP trunking
solution is an additional advantage of which Avanti’s customers will be able to
benefit from,” said Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec.

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