Axiata improves revenue performance in all countries

Axiata Group has reported growth of 3.5 percent in its revenue to RM 5.949 billion in the first quarter of 2019 driven by better performance from all operating companies.
Dialog Axiata Sri LankaAxiata’s first quarter EBITDA increased 18.9 percent to RM 2.421.8 billion quarter-on-quarter due to higher revenue. Axiata posted a net profit of RM 783.7 million, driven by better revenue, gain on disposal of non-strategic investments, and the discontinuation related loss from investment in India’s Idea Cellular.

Axiata’s Malaysia revenue dropped 7.4 percent to RM 1.663.9 billion due to lower device sales, and downward revision of domestic interconnect rate and domestic roaming rate. EBITDA grew 24.9 percent to RM 570.4 million.

Axiata’s Indonesia revenue grew 8.8 percent to RM 1.730.5 billion supported by data growth that contributed 73 percent of total revenue. EBITDA grew 37.6 percent to RM 829.6 million.

Axiata’s Bangladesh revenue grew 16.1 percent to RM 892.4 million contributed by strong growth in all segments. EBITDA grew significantly to RM 348.6 million quarter-on-quarter due to higher revenue coupled with lower operating expenses.

Axiata’s Sri Lanka revenue remained stable at RM 660.8 million. EBITDA improved by 8.7 percent to RM 274.6 million.

Axiata’s Nepal revenue dropped 9.5 percent to RM 497.8 million due to decline in almost all revenue segments as impacted by implementation of Telecommunication Services Charges in Nepal from mid of July 2018. EBITDA dropped 8 percent to RM 315.2 million.

Axiata’s Cambodia revenue grew 20.4 percent to RM 304.7 million supported by data that contributed 66 percent of total revenue. EBITDA and PAT grew by 34.6 percent and 15.1 percent respectively to RM 159.4 million and RM 67.6 million.

Malaysia Infrastructure business revenue and EBITDA rose 25.3 percent and 45.9 percent to RM 438.9 million and RM 228.8 million.