Bharti Foundation’s sanitation facilities benefit 50,000 individuals in Ludhiana

Bharti Airtel office
Bharti Foundation today said its Satya Bharti Abhiyan, an initiative to improve sanitation facilities in rural areas, now benefits over 50,000 individuals across 405 villages of Ludhiana District (Punjab).

In less than eighteen months of its launch, Bharti Foundation has constructed more than 10,000 toilets targeting individual households in villages.

Bharti Foundation had committed an investment of up to Rs 100 crore to improve sanitation conditions by constructing a toilet in every household in over 900 villages across District Ludhiana. The program on the targeted scale will benefit over 100,000 individuals.

Satya Bharti Abhiyan has also constructed toilets to improve sanitation facilities in 14 Government schools in rural Ludhiana by building separate toilets for girls.

The Foundation focuses on bringing about a behavioral change through various ongoing sanitation campaigns spread over six states in India. 3500 children of Satya Bharti Schools have inspired their parents to build toilets at home and have worked as agents of change to bring awareness amongst the communities they live in.

“This accomplishment has further strengthened our commitment towards improving quality of life and we are confident that there will be no rural household in Ludhiana without a toilet by the end of this year,” said Rakesh Bharti Mittal, co-chairman of Bharti Foundation.

Bharti Airtel and Bharti Infratel are supporting the Satya Bharti Abhiyan program launched in August 2014 — to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana.

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