Bintel selects SAS analytics software to improve marketing campaigns


Telecomlead Team:
SAS announced that Bintel has
selected SAS Analytics software to improve its effectiveness of
marketing campaigns in preventing customer churn. 


SAS Marketing Automation includes a full set of
predictive analytics and data mining tools that help the company create, test,
modify and manage marketing campaigns.


We place a strong emphasis on service quality and a
customer-focused approach to business. We want all of our marketing
communications to deliver value. Beyond completing more campaigns, faster, we
want to achieve better response rates. SAS Marketing Automation will help us
better understand and meet customer needs,” said Omar Adra, Group COO at


SAS Analytics will also allow Azur to streamline the
campaign process and reduce mailing costs because marketers will know which
customers will respond most positively to different offers and campaigns.


Bintel provides a vastly superior customer
experience. Its graphical campaign management tools speed up the process of
planning and executing targeted campaigns that meet the needs of its growing
Azur customer base.


Operating in Africa under the Azur brand, Bintel is a
fast-growing provider of a global system for mobile communications services
across Africa, where cellular telephony outnumbers the fixed-line network.


SAS Marketing Automation is part of the SAS Customer
Intelligence suite that enables organizations to deepen customer insights,
choreograph customer interactions and continuously improve their marketing


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