Boingo Wireless to launch personal VPN and Wi-Fi security Initiative



Boingo Wireless, the Wi-Fi software and
services provider, announced that it will launch a personal VPN for customers
to use when connecting to Wi-Fi networks. The VPN will be seamlessly integrated
into the Boingo Wi-Finder app.


“The single most reliable means of security
when using public Wi-Fi is a personal VPN. Especially with the proliferation of
unmanaged free networks and new hacker exploits, people need a tool to protect
their personal information while they’re online. Our easy-to-use VPN will help
make it simple,” said Niels Jonker, chief technology officer for Boingo


The new personal VPN will leverage the power
of cloud computing to deliver quality service around the world, as well as
extend support to new mobile computing platforms that need secure access


The new Boingo VPN will be available for
Windows and Macintosh laptops, and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Recently, Boingo Wireless announced that
it has enhanced its unlimited Wi-Fi data plans, simplifying Wi-Fi access for
users with more than one Wi-Fi enabled device.


Users can log in with laptops, tablets,
smartphones and any variety of other Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics devices
with a single account.


“Open Wi-Fi is inherently unsafe, but there
are actionable steps that venue owners, network operators and users can all
take to enhance safety. This security initiative is designed to educate venue
owners and to reinforce Boingo’s active efforts to maximize safety and minimize
risk for all parties,” added Jonker.


Boingo Wireless recently announced a
roaming agreement with
Wire and Wireless (Wi2) that allows Boingo customers access to more than 3,000
hotspots operated by the Wi2 300 service throughout Japan.


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