Boost Infinite offers 20% discount to Amazon Prime Members

Boost Infinite, one of the leading wireless providers, has introduced its Infinite Unlimited wireless postpaid plan on Amazon’s platform, with an exclusive offer reserved for Amazon Prime members. This move aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for customers seeking affordable and feature-rich wireless services.
Boost Infinite Unlimited SIMStarting today, Amazon Prime members can purchase the Boost Infinite Unlimited SIM kit directly from the Amazon U.S. store, benefiting from an exciting 20 percent discount on the regular $25 list price. As a further incentive, customers will receive a $25 bill credit, effectively making the first month of service absolutely free. The exclusive offer is set to elevate the value and benefits available to Prime members, reinforcing Amazon’s commitment to providing top-notch services to its loyal customer base.

The Boost Infinite Unlimited SIM kit, sold and shipped by Amazon, empowers Prime members to activate Infinite Unlimited wireless service effortlessly. This all-inclusive plan comprises unlimited talk, text, and data, all at an unbeatable monthly cost of $25—a rate that remains fixed for the lifetime of the subscription. Furthermore, Prime members are pre-qualified for this exceptional plan, which supports most unlocked iPhones and Android smartphones, offering compatibility and flexibility to users.

The Infinite Unlimited plan permits Prime members to add up to five lines per account, catering to the diverse needs of modern households and businesses. The ability to manage multiple lines under a single plan ensures seamless connectivity for the entire family or team.

“The exclusive deal for Prime members, along with Amazon’s seamless shopping experience, aligns with our customer-centric approach, making it easier than ever for people to get high-quality wireless service without any in-store hassles,” Jeremy McCarty, Head of Boost Infinite, said.

Purchasing the Boost Infinite Unlimited SIM kit through the dedicated Amazon page is the beginning of the activation process. Upon receipt of the SIM kit, Prime members can effortlessly complete their Boost Infinite account registration via the Boost Infinite app, directly activating the service with ease. In a unique touch, every subscriber will be paired with a “Boost Buddy,” a real person dedicated to providing personalized support for any questions, setup assistance, or activation guidance.

The Boost Infinite Unlimited plan eliminates complexities by allowing Prime members to bring their compatible phones, retain their existing phone numbers or request new ones, activate the SIMs via the Boost Infinite app, and seamlessly get up and running without any hidden fees or minimum line requirements.

Boost Infinite’s collaboration with Amazon marks a significant step in delivering unmatched wireless services to consumers, backed by the trust and reliability of two industry leaders. Prime members can now enjoy a streamlined shopping and activation process, enabling them to stay connected effortlessly, while keeping their expenses in check.