Boost Mobile offers 50% off on data to Cricket and MetroPCS customers

Boost Mobile, the pre-paid brand of Sprint, has offered 2.5GB of data for $20, 5GB for $25 and 10GB for $30 to Cricket and MetroPCS wireless customers, promising to slash their payment by 50 percent for a limited time.

For comparison, Cricket offers 2.5GB of data for $40, 5GB for $50 and 10GB for $60. MetroPCS offers 2GB of data for $40 and 4GB for $50.

Boost Mobile said customers bringing their phone number over from Cricket or MetroPCS can save between $20-30 per month for a full year.

A MetroPCS customer, who is currently receiving 2GB of data for $40 per month, can now get 2.5GB of data from Boost Mobile for $20, while a Cricket customer receiving 10GB of data for $60, can now get the same amount of data for $30 a month.

“Boost Mobile is committed to offering great value and the Slash Your Payment in Half promotion clearly demonstrates a new level of savings that Cricket and MetroPCS can’t deliver,” said Dow Draper, president-Wholesale & Prepaid Services at Sprint.

After the introductory rate ends, wireless customers who signed up for the Slash Your Payment in Half promotion will migrate to the Boost Mobile plan that offers them a comparable amount of monthly data.

After signing up for automatic payments with Auto Re-Boost – get unlimited talk, text and data with 2GB of high-speed data for $30 per month, said Sprint in a statement.

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