Bouygues Telecom adds mobile and FTTH customers in first half

Bouygues Telecom said it added 280,000 new mobile plan customers excluding M2M and 176,000 new FTTH customers in the first half of 2019.
Bouygues Telecom networkBouygues Telecom added 132,000 mobile plan customers excluding M2M and 82,000 new FTTH customers in second-quarter 2019.

Bouygues Telecom’s mobile phone customer base including M2M reached 17.076 million in Q2 2019 vs 16.824 million in Q1 2019. Bouygues Telecom’s mobile phone excluding M2M reached 11.632 million vs 11.529 million. ABPU of mobile phone users increased to €19.4 from €19.2.

Bouygues Telecom’s fixed phone consumers reached 3.766 million vs 3.735 million. The ABPU of fixed phone customers increased to €25.9 from €25.8

Bouygues Telecom said it achieved 14 percent increase in total sales to €2.913 billion and 7 percent growth in sales from services to €2.226 billion. EBITDA margin after leases of Bouygues Telecom rose 2.7 percent to 29.3 percent.

Bouygues Telecom’s revenue from mobile business reached €776 million vs €751 million. Its fixed business increased to €356 million vs €343 million.

The FTTH penetration rate reached 20 percent at end-June 2019 versus 11 percent a year earlier. The company had 745,000 FTTH customers and a total of 3.8 million fixed customers at 30 June 2019.

The churn rate dropped 48 percent in the mobile plan and fell 17 percent in fixed segments in second-quarter 2019 versus first-quarter 2018.

Capital expenditure of Bouygues Telecom was €530 million, down €91 million year-on-year. These results reflect Bouygues Telecom’s differentiation strategy, based on the quality of its mobile and fixed networks as well as the customer experience.

Bouygues Telecom is the No.1 mobile network in rural areas in France. It expects to have more than 28,000 mobile sites in 2023. Bouygues Telecom said it aims for 12 million FTTH premises by the end of 2019 against 9.1 million premises marketed at end-June 2019.

Capital investment in fiber roll-out ensures new customers to Bouygues Telecom. It added 3.6 million FTTH premises in six months. Its FTTH network covers 83 departments and over 2,600 municipalities.

Bouygues Telecom plans to increase its share of the mobile and fixed segments in the B2B market, supported by the acquisitions of SME specialists Keyyo and Nerim in first-quarter 2019.