BT adds cloud-based services to unified communications portfolio

Telecom Lead Europe: BT has added new capabilities including cloud-based services to its unified communications portfolio.

 The enhanced BT One portfolio will address the findings of a global BT survey.

According to the BT survey, involving 1,000 executives working in large enterprises across the main industry sectors all around the world, the rate of adoption of unified communications is higher in the growing economies in Asia and Latin America than it is in the challenged economies of Europe.

Executives say it is taking too much time, effort and money to collaborate, access data and work as a team. 56 percent of executives say slow decision-making by managers and colleagues is the biggest problem they face at work.

BT’s survey shows that executives feel they are wasting up to 25 per cent of their time every day due to poor communication, collaboration and information flows, as well as basic administration tasks.

The findings of the survey show a growing appetite for unified communications, with conference calls, – audio and video – becoming almost as ubiquitous as formal meetings. 58 percent of directors and general managers make on average more than one video call per week.

The BT One portfolio will have new pricing models for cloud-based services and global support by BT Advise professional services specialists.

“To be successful in this economic environment, it is paramount for business leaders to make better decisions faster. While some might feel more comfortable with face-to-face interactions, it is becoming very clear that a competitive advantage is at hand for those who grasp the full gamut of today’s and tomorrow’s communications channels,” said Luis Alvarez, CEO of BT Global Services.

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