BT and HyperCube announce strategic partnership


BT, a provider of communications solutions and services,
and HyperCube, a provider of local and national switching services to the
competitive carrier marketplace, announced a new partnership that will allow BT
to connect customers to US telephone numbers using HyperCube’s interconnected
Tandem Network. 


Through this partnership, BT’s Global IP Exchange will
provide wholesale customers in the UK and around the world with a
cost-effective, IP end-to-end platform on which they can build their own
enhanced service offerings for the consumer market.


Together, BT and HyperCube can more efficiently manage
the transition from traditional voice services to VoIP-based calling.
With a combined offering, BT and HyperCube can ensure that calls are delivered
end-to-end over IP based platforms, allowing service providers to avoid the
cost burden of technology conversion. 


For BT’s customers, this partnership will lower costs
while enhancing voice quality and allow BT’s wholesale customers who are using
the GLOBAL IP EXCHANGE to access IP voice services to reach in and out of the


BT’s GLOBAL IP EXCHANGE platform is delivering on the IP
end-to-end promise a new capability to seamlessly import suppliers’ individual
IP numbers to route calls to the end operator with confidence of no conversion
to PSTN,” said Beatriz  Butsana-Sita, Managing Director BT Global Telecom


This is achieved via ENUM-to-ENUM direct exchange between
BT and HyperCube and demonstrates BT’s commitment to enhance its GLOBAL IP
EXCHANGE services along its ambitious technology and capability roadmap.


BT has found a way to leverage IP technology and
HyperCube’s innovative and highly efficient Tandem Service model to gain
competitive advantage,” said Chris Malinowski, senior vice president of Sales
for HyperCube.


With this new capability, service providers using BT’s
GLOBAL IP EXCHANGE both in the UK and globally can now feel confident that
their VoIP minutes are routed directly to the terminating network as an IP


In addition to ensuring high call quality, the call
records retain information required to provide caller identification, as well
as IP based information.  This is particularly exciting because it will
enable future services beyond voice to be offered to retail customers.


HyperCube will use a dedicated SIP connection set up to route calls received
from BT’s GLOBAL IP EXCHANGE customers to US numbers.  


HyperCube will publish the numbers for dedicated IP end
points to BT, and BT’s Global IP Exchange platform will automatically send
traffic to these numbers via HyperCube interconnections.  


This arrangement avoids the requirement of manual routing
changes and enables traffic management at a level of granularity not achievable
through traditional number range routing approaches.


BT and HyperCube’s partnership represents a further step
towards BT’s Global IP Exchange’s provision of interoperability between the
next generation VoIP standard and traditional telephony.  This helps to
make the change of infrastructure seamless and convenient for service
providers, while offering users the benefit of advanced new technology.


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