BT customers reduced their carbon emissions by 10 million tons

free-wi-fi-from-btBT said its products revenue contributed to carbon abatement totaled £5.3 billion, representing 22 percent of its total revenue last year.

This figure, up £1.7 billion from last year highlights how BT is using and developing communications technology to help its customers cut carbon emissions. The technologies include broadband, conferencing and other services such as Internet of Things, across BT’s business and consumer operations.

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BT customers, using these technologies, reduced their carbon emissions by 10 million tons, up by 32 percent from last year. The amount of carbon emissions saved equates to taking over 4 million cars off the road.

BT aims to help its customers cut their carbon by three times their own emissions by 2020. That’s BT’s 3:1 ambition. This year, BT achieved a ratio of 1.8:1, up from 1.6:1 last year, said the UK-based telecom operator.

BT has provided free wi-fi hotspots and IT equipment across the globe, including refugee centres in Serbia and Macedonia, helping almost 4 million socially disadvantaged people since 2014-15.

BT said its fibre broadband coverage reached over 26.5 million, or 88 percent, UK premises. BT helped more people get online through our community fibre partnerships scheme, which helps bring fibre to some of the hardest to reach communities.

“We’re on track to meet our 2020 ambitions, and the combination of our people, products and services will mean that we able play our part in solving society’s greatest challenges for years to come,” said Niall Dunne, BT’s Chief Sustainability Officer.