BT Group appoints Gavin Patterson as new CEO

Gavin Patterson will be the new CEO of BT Group plc.


Gavin Patterson, 45, will succeed Ian Livingston of BT that posted revenues of £18.02 billion and profit before taxation of £2.50 billion in fiscal 2013.

Ian Livingston, who led the telecom giant over the last five years, is joining the U.K. government as Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

Gavin Patterson became CEO of BT Retail in May 2008 and joined the BT Group plc board a month later. He will succeed Ian Livingston as CEO of BT Group in September.

Biography of the new BT CEO

Gavin joined BT in January 2004 as managing director of its consumer division. He previously spent four years at Telewest (which later merged with NTL to become Virgin Media), including as managing director of its consumer division. Before entering the communications sector, he spent nine years at Procter and Gamble, rising to become European marketing director.

While leading BT’s retail division, Gavin oversees corporate responsibility programs for BT Group and represents the company on the CBI’s Climate Change Board.

Gavin Patterson, who was part of BT’s transformation strategy, said: “BT is in a strong place. We have great opportunities ahead and are well placed to take advantage of them, in the UK and internationally. We have the people, the technology and the plans we need to build on our current successes.”

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