BT updates Connect portfolio to help better intelligent networks for businesses

Telecom Lead Europe: BT, a global provider of
communications solutions and services, announced a major update to its
portfolio of networking solutions called BT Connect.


BT Connect will open up new dimension for CIOs to manage
network performance alongside speed, availability, scope, security and


The new update includes a new, enhanced MyAccount portal
for customers to manage multiple network services from any device, including
smartphones and tablets.


“Our customers see network services as a vital asset
at the very heart of their global business strategies. They rely on the network
to compete effectively, address economic challenges and take advantage of
opportunities to grow,” said Jeff Kelly, CEO of BT Global Services.


The update will provide a new unified dashboard for the
Connect applications portfolio, presenting all of the reporting features of
application and web performance monitoring in one single view.


Furthermore, a new suite of BT Connect applications will
also be providing by this update, which includes a web performance monitoring
service that will allow customers to have a full view of the efficiency of
end-user web experience and improve their online business operations, and a
Connect Acceleration Monitoring service for customers to track what’s running
on their network, resolve IT performance problems faster and lower IT
management costs.


In parallel with this major update, BT has developed a
new tool called BT Connect IQ evaluator that will allow Chief Information
Officers to assess and improve their network’s intelligence.


BT is also launching BT Connect IQ Quickstart for those
customers who want to better understand how to extract more value from


Watch a YouTube video of BT IQ Evaluator here.


Recently, BT expanded BT Ethernet Connect, its global Ethernet virtual private network (VPN)
service, to enable large organizations to evolve and grow their infrastructure
while maintaining control of their IP architecture.


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