Cable & Wireless to revolutionize business analytics with MediationZone and cloud technology

Cable & Wireless Communications, in partnership with
DigitalRoute, recently performed a proof of concept study that demonstrates how
service providers can achieve huge cost reductions for business analytics while
addressing security and privacy concerns.

Cloud computing is about to revolutionize the business
intelligence market. Leveraging emerging open-source technologies and renting
space on servers can potentially provide powerful data mining at a fraction of
the cost of the established technologies.

For service providers in particular, this is becoming
urgent with the large volumes of data generated from the new mobile devices.
Radically lowering the cost for data mining would enable more sophisticated
business intelligence solutions than ever before.

By literally renting computers and storage only for when
one needs it and combining it with open-source technologies, analyzing large
volumes of data is suddenly within the reach of any organization. Not only does
the price change fundamentally, so does the capability to add additional
computing resources through configuration.

The proof of concept performed by Cable and Wireless
Communications demonstrates how to use MediationZone and cloud technology to
perform business analytics on massive data volumes while maintaining stringent
requirements on security and data-privacy.

A key element of the proof of concept was to demonstrate
that analytics can be carried out on data that has been made much less
sensitive. This involves a reversible process in which key personal information
is replaced with random data.

The first and perhaps most eye-catching result is the
cost of processing. Even after testing with billions of records, the bill ended
up less than a hundred dollars,” said Birger Thorburn, CIO at Cable &
Wireless Communications.

will look at leveraging these technologies to augment their business
Intelligence systems. This will enable them to store and analyze years of detailed
data for the first time.  

We are extremely pleased with the positive results from
this study. It once again confirms the almost endless number of opportunities
that MediationZone provides to reduce cost and increase efficiency,” said Jan
Karlsson, CEO at DigitalRoute.

Recently, DigitalRoute has entered
into a partnership agreement
with Capgemini France, a subsidiary of the
Capgemini Group, to introduce a new MediationZone Factory based in Rennes,

By providing industrialized support to pre-build
components and also the key competence that is required for a complete set of
implementation services, the new center of excellence will speed and secure
upcoming projects.

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