Cargotec selects Tata Communications to offer WAN connectivity to over 150 sites

Telecom Lead India: Cargotec, a provider of cargo handling solutions for ships, ports, terminals and local distribution, has selected Tata Communications to deliver Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to over 150 Cargotec sites.

The global cargo handling solutions provider will leverage Tata Communications’ fiber optic cable network.

Cargotec has presence in over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas and Africa. It will benefit as the company will have increased capacity, speed, resilience and enhanced communications capabilities.

The managed, end-to-end Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network will enable Cargotec to improve productivity and operational efficiency worldwide by streamlining its supply chain.

Cargotec chose Tata Communications for its round-the-world network, which allows Cargotec to go from having multiple suppliers for its global WAN connectivity to just one.

Tata Communications network reduces the chances of network failure and delivers an always-on, cost-effective solution to cater for both Cargotec’s main offices and smaller sites.

Cargotec will be able to offer a uniform service to its offices across more than 50 emerging and established markets, enhancing global operational efficiency. It will also allow Cargotec to extend its network wherever the business grows.

Soili Makinen, chief information officer, Cargotec, said that Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows by offering handling systems and related services for the loading and unloading of goods on land, in port and at sea.

James Walker, vice president, Managed Network Services, Tata Communications, said the extent of a company’s global reach and operational efficiency, especially in emerging markets, is largely dependent on the connectivity available to them in those regions.

Recently, Tata Communications completed the world’s first wholly-owned round-the-world fiber optic cable network, bringing increased capacity, resilience and enhanced communications links to both developed and emerging markets.

Recently, Tata Communications Banking InfraSolutions (TCBIL), a subsidiary of Tata Communications, has signed a contract to deploy and manage nearly 14,000 ATMs for all public sector banks across Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, West Bengal & Andaman & Nicobar and Andhra Pradesh. TCBIL has become India’s largest managed ATM services provider, with almost 27,000 contracted ATMs nationwide.


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