CeBIT 2015: Deutsche Telekom announces Industry 4.0 solutions with SAP

At CeBIT 2015, Deutsche Telekom announced Industry 4.0 solutions covering network, connectivity, platforms, and integration.

In the next phase, Deutsche Telekom will upgrade the Connected Industry Platform (CIP) to become a comprehensive cloud for Industry 4.0.

Deutsche Telekom and SAP are forming a consortium to permanently establish Industry 4.0 in Germany.

“If Germany wants to lead the world in the networking of production and products, it must speak with one voice in Europe and in the world,” said Deutsche Telekom Board of Management member and T Systems CEO Reinhard Clemens.

T Systems CEO Reinhard Clemens

Deutsche Telekom and its partners are implementing solutions for digitization of the industrial value chain. Its partners include Infineon, Hirschmann, and WIBU-SYSTEMS. Deutsche Telekom will present its Digital Navigator, a consulting approach for a transformation to Industry 4.0.

A robot located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology in Berlin will take care production process. The demo also shows how system operators can work at remote factory sites and adjusts workflows quickly in response to customer requests.

Deutsche Telekom, SAP, and the Hamburg Port Authority will be presenting smartPORT logistics that monitors and manages all truck and container movements on the port grounds in real time. smartPORT logistics aggregates all the traffic and infrastructure data of the 72-square-kilometer port facility in a private cloud.

At CeBIT 2015, Deutsche Telekom is also presenting two solutions — Cyber Threat Detector and Cyber Defense — for SMEs.

Baburajan K
[email protected]