CELESTE selects Tellabs for fiber optic network in France


CELESTE is expanding its high performance and high bandwidth
fiber optic network to all major cities in France. CELESTE has selected Tellabs
to exclusively provide the nationwide optical transport network.


The operator is deploying the Tellabs 7100 Nano Optical
Transport System
(OTS) to offer new and existing customers a wider range of services with more
bandwidth, more reliability and more cost-effective services.


CELESTE is building a nationwide fiber optic network
which will stretch over 4,000 kilometers around France. The network will extend
its high-bandwidth services to new French regional markets and reach more


The easily deployed Tellabs
7100 Nano enables CELESTE to build the fiber optic network quickly and
cost-effectively, aiming to complete deployment within 18 months.


Currently, CELESTE uses a
traditional telecom network, serving around 2,000 customers. Once complete,
CELESTE’s nationwide high-capacity network will reach from Paris to all major
cities across France, including Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille,
Lyon and Strasbourg.


“CELESTE’s emergence as a nationwide competitor is a
major revolution for the French broadband market,” said Nicolas Aube,
president, CELESTE.


“With this deployment, medium size enterprises
across France can access competitively priced, high-bandwidth services quickly
and easily. Tellabs’ extensive knowledge and experience of international
enterprise markets is an invaluable part of our success in this ambitious
venture.” Aube added.


The fully scalable and flexible Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS
enables CELESTE to rapidly introduce new services to enterprises across the
country. The network will initially consist of ROADM-based, multi-channel
nodes, and Optical Line Amplifier nodes. The cost-effective Tellabs packet-optical
solution is designed to scale with CELESTE as its service and bandwidth needs
grow over time.


“CELESTE needed a partner that could rapidly deliver
high quality infrastructure and support its aggressive deployment targets.
Tellabs delivered a fast deployment, and offered a cost-effective solution that
can scale with CELESTE and its customers as the volume of traffic on the
network increases,” said Tarcisio Ribeiro, vice president and general
manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Tellabs.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]