China Mobile partners for NFC payments with China UnionPay

Telecom Lead Asia: China Mobile has entered into an
association for NFC collaboration with China UnionPay, a national payments
network of China.


Under the association, both companies will work together
to promote NFC payments and on the development of NFC products.


In addition, the companies will also be working on
technical standards, TSM interoperability and phone compatibility testing and
start pilot tests in several cities.


China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network operator
with 667 million subscribers and China UnionPay will work toward extending NFC
payments services to one hundred Chinese cities and service areas.


Both companies have been involved in the development of
mobile payments for a number of years and have each conducted extensive field


China Mobile also works with the GSMA to support
SIM-based NFC technology and pioneer in longer range RF-SIM technology.


On the other hand, China UnionPay has already completed
roll out of 620,000 merchant terminals supporting its Quick Pass contactless
card technology.


China UnionPay has also developed its own specification
for microSD-based NFC services.


Apart from China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom
have also been working on NFC.


China Mobile to focus on cloud, network technology, Internet of
Things and Wireless City initiatives


China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua, at GSMA mobile Asia expo
2012 said the operator can overcome the major challenges by focusing on cloud
computing, faster network technology, the Internet of Things and its Wireless
City initiatives.


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