China Mobile revenue up 0.8% to $29.4 billion in Q1 2018

China Mobile announced 0.8 percent increase in operating revenue to RMB185.5 billion or $29.4 billion in Q1 2018.

China Mobile said telecommunications services rose 3.6 percent to RMB166.7 billion in the first quarter of 2018.

EBITDA of China Mobile was RMB69.7 billion (+3.9 percent), while profit was RMB25.8 billion (+4.1 percent).
China Mobile earnings Q1 2018China Mobile has a mobile customer base of around 899 million including 672 million 4G customers, representing a net increase of 22.24 million.

China Mobile said handset data traffic rose 139 percent and handset customer DOU reached 2,234MB, growing at 123 percent.

Voice usage minutes of China Mobile fell 7.6 percent. SMS usage rose 6.3 percent fuelled by the growth of corporate SMS.

China Mobile said ARPU of mobile customers stood at RMB55.7 for the first quarter of the year 2018.

The total number of wireline broadband customers reached 124 million, representing a net increase of 11.23 million for the first quarter. China Mobile said the monthly ARPU of wireline broadband customers was RMB33.8.