China Mobile to cut roaming charges in Britain during Olympic Games

Telecom Lead China:
China Mobile will cut its roaming service charges in Britain for the next two
months, during which the Olympic Games will be held.

Subscribers who use Vodafone’s network will have to pay only
0.99 yuan (0.16 U.S. dollars) per minute for phone calls made or received
during July 1 and August 31. Subscribers usually pay 1.99 yuan to make a call
to the Chinese mainland.

Costs for sending a text message to the Chinese mainland
will be lowered by 62 percent to 0.15 yuan. Receiving messages will be free.

Charges for the GPRS Internet roaming service will be
slashed by 90 percent to 1 yuan per megabyte.

China Mobile said the move was a result of tough
negotiations between itself and overseas telecommunications operators.

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