China Telecom posts 12% increase in revenue to RMB 182 billion in 9-months 2011; profit grew 10%

China Telecom clocked revenue of RMB 182 billion for first nine-months of 2011, registering 11.8 percent growth against RMB 163 billion in the corresponding period in 2010.


The mobile operator’s profit increased 10.1 percent to RMB 13.8 billion from RMB 12.5 billion during the period.


Its mobile and broadband business contributed to the significant growth for the Chinese mobile operator.


For the first three quarters of 2011, the group implemented the strategic positioning as a leader of intelligent pipeline, a provider of integrated platforms, and a participant in content and application development.


Riding on mobile, broadband and industry applications as a breakthrough to promote scale development of full services operation, the business structure was further optimized and the profitability was enhanced.


The mobile services continued to grow rapidly, demonstrating concurrent achievements in rapid expansion in mobile customer scale and revenues and progressive increase in subscriber market share.


The number of mobile subscribers reached 117 million, of which 28.43 million were 3G subscribers. The net addition of mobile subscribers was 26.43 million for the first three quarters and the average mobile service revenue per user per month (ARPU) had a moderate decline as compared to that for the full year of last year.


Internet and data services grew, which mitigated the impact of decline in the wireline voice services. The wireline broadband subscribers reached 73.69 million, representing a net addition of 10.21 million.


Revenues from sale of mobile terminals were approximately RMB 10 billion, increased by nearly two times over the corresponding period of last year.

Other operating expenses increased significantly from the same period of last year as a result of the corresponding significant increase in the costs of mobile terminals sold.

The group will persist in deepening strategic transformation and innovation, insisting on differentiated strategy, enhancing service quality to accelerate scale development.


The group will persist in data traffic operation and centralized efficient operation to drive expansion in mobile Internet services.


Starting from the government and enterprises customers, China Telecom will expand the Cloud service market.


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