China Unicom explains how it will leverage Alibaba and Tencent

China Unicom for mobile usersChina Unicom has explained how it will leverage the capabilities of its investment partners Alibaba Group and Tencent in growing its Cloud business in China.

Alibaba Cloud will open the public cloud service capability to China Unicom, while both companies will continue to expand collaboration in e-government cloud and dedicated cloud (apsara stack) areas including vertical markets, as well as deepen cooperation in the hybrid cloud business.

China Unicom and Alibaba Cloud will deepen cooperation in three areas including public cloud, dedicated cloud and hybrid cloud.

For public cloud, Alibaba Cloud will open public cloud services capabilities to China Unicom, including computing, storage, security, big data and artificial intelligence. Both companies will leverage WO Cloud computing to provide customers with general and inclusive public cloud computing services.

For dedicated cloud, both companies will combine the strengths in cloud computing and big data platform to offer support for product innovation and business growth acceleration to enterprise customers.

China Unicom will build a development team and supporting system targeting the e-government cloud, vertical markets and etc, pushing forward digital transformation and promoting IT capability enhancement for enterprise customers.

For hybrid cloud, China Unicom will open up key data centers and forms hybrid cloud one-stop solution combined with current Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud sites.

Both companies will collaborate in research and development on the cloud computing-based SDN network structure, enhancing China Unicom’s network utilization efficiency, which allows users to open up nationwide interoperable hybrid cloud in real-time.


China Unicom and Tencent will co-build cloud data centers to offer cloud computing-based products, services and solutions. Tencent will leverage its expertise to provide public cloud technology support to WO Cloud of China Unicom.

China Unicom and Tencent will also sell dedicated cloud and hybrid cloud services.

Tencent will use China Unicom’s DCI high-speed core network (SDN/NFV) to offer customized on demand with flexible delivery service capability in traditional telecommunication service (dedicated line + cabinet).

China Unicom and Tencent will co-build a network security platform, committing to building a more secure and reliable Internet ecosystem and to providing strong network security technical assurance for the Internet industry.