Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint Expand 4G Mobile Broadband Network


Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint announced a significant
expansion of the Clearwire 4G network footprint and key capacity upgrades for
mobile broadband customers in the greater Pittsburgh metro area.



The regional CLEAR, XFINITY Internet 2go and Sprint 4G
service area has added coverage for an additional 10,591 people. Now, more than
830,000 people in the Pittsburgh area have access to Clearwire’s 4G mobile
broadband network. This expansion represents new coverage since Clearwire’s
initial launch on September 30, 2010.



“Across Pittsburgh, the expansion of Clearwire’s 4G coverage and capacity provides our
customers with the super fast Internet connectivity that they demand. Unlimited
mobile broadband usage is a product that Clearwire pioneered across the country
over the last several years and is currently now in seventy-one markets across
the United States,” said Jeannie Weaver, regional general manager for


“This is more great news for Sprint 4G customers in the Pittsburgh area.
Customers are eager for the latest 4G devices – either smartphones or mobile
connectivity devices  and we continue to deliver. In fact, Sprint offers
more than a dozen 4G devices available to customers today, and many of our
service enhancements will ensure an even better 4G experience,” said Keith
Dardis, Sprint vice president, East Region.



“Comcast continues to drive innovation in the market
by giving customers ways to extend its services to anywhere they work, live and
play. The expansion of XFINITY Internet 2go in Pittsburgh is another example of
our focus in providing customers with an enhanced experience,” said Jim Samaha,
senior vice president of Comcast’s Keystone



4G customers in these cities will be able to increase
their mobility and productivity in many ways: from instantly downloading large
files to get work done on the run, browsing the Web just like at home from
across the city, or watching online videos and movies while travelling in the
family car around town. A variety of 4G devices are available from both service



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