Deutsche Telekom reveals network investment in Germany in 2019

Deutsche Telekom has revealed more details about its network investment in Germany in 2019.
Deutsche Telekom network EuropeDeutsche Telekom said it engineers will be installing 2,000 new mobile base stations this year, upgrading links along freeways and train routes in particular as part of the strategy to boost customer experience.

The telecom operator will add 60,000 kilometers of optical fiber, on top of the existing fiber network that spans 500,000 kilometers – as part of preparations for launching 5G without making much increase in Capex.

Walter Goldenits, chief technology officer at Telekom Deutschland, said: “Our technology team will eliminate more coverage gaps, supply more households with fast internet, and 5G will be a major topic in 2019.”

Deutsche Telekom has already deployed more than 50 5G antennas in live network in central Berlin since 2018.

Deutsche Telekom will set up additional 5G test areas in other German cities in 2019, starting in the first quarter with Darmstadt, just south of Frankfurt.

Deutsche Telekom is operating a 5G test area together with the Hamburg Port Authority and Nokia to transmit movement data and environment data in real time, for the reliable control of traffic lights, and for virtual reality applications.

Deutsche Telekom will be making investment in small cells cities like Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich in 2019 that will assist the mobile operator to upgrade network capacity in line with demand from smartphone customers on its 4G network.

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband will reach 61,000 households in Bautzen, 47,000 households in the Markischer Kreis district, and around 45,000 households in the northern Saxony region.

Deutsche Telekom will be also modernizing around 5 million households, from under 50 Mbit/s to over 50 Mbit/s.

Deutsche Telekom’s narrowband network (NB-IoT) will reach more connected parking spaces in 2019 from over 35,000 connected parking spaces in 37 German cities.

Baburajan K