Deutsche Telekom revenue dips 4% to €17.924 bn, cuts Capex by 4.3%

Deutsche Telekom has posted revenue of €17.924 billion (–3.9 percent), EBITDA of €5.269 billion (–11.6 percent), profit of €992 million and Capex of €3.139 billion (–4.3 percent) in Q1 2018.
Deutsche Telekom network EuropeDeutsche Telekom generated revenue of €5.325 billion (–1.3 percent) from Germany, €8.455 billion (–5.9 percent) from the US, €2.811 billion (+1.1 percent) from Europe and €1.506 billion (–2.3 percent).

Deutsche Telekom has 42.73 million mobile subscribers in Germany, 74.04 million mobile customers in the U.S., and 49.25 million mobile subscribers in Europe.

“We will remain on course for success in 2018,” said Tim Hottges, chairman of the Board of Management at Deutsche Telekom. “Our growth profile, which is unique in our industry, enables us to raise our forecast once again.”

Deutsche Telekom is raising its guidance for adjusted EBITDA in 2018 from around 23.2 to around 23.3 billion euros driven by developments in the United States, where T-Mobile US raised its forecast after a strong first quarter.


10.4 million (+37 percent or +2.8 million) customers in Germany use Deutsche Telekom’s fiber-optic lines (FFTH, VDSL/ vectoring). 72.7 percent of fixed-network households were able to use fiber-optic products, compared with 65.7 percent a year earlier. Deutsche Telekom added 95,000 broadband customers.

United States

T-Mobile US recorded more than one million net customer additions for the 20th consecutive quarter. It gained 1.4 million new customers between January and March 2018.


The number of customers who used fixed-mobile product bundles reached 2.4 million (+51.1 percent). The success of the convergence strategy is expected to be repeated in Austria following the acquisition of UPC Austria.