Deutsche Telekom to develop communications infrastructure EuroQCI

Deutsche Telekom has won a contract from the European Commission to coordinate the development of the EU-wide communications infrastructure EuroQCI.
Deutsche Telekom brandTelekom will be working with partners Airbus, Thales SIX and AIT, as well as a group of experts from science and industry, under the project name “PETRUS”.

EuroQCI is a secure communication network which uses Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) encryption methods. The initiative forms an important pillar of a secure and efficient European communication network that is armed against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow.

Deutsche Telekom will facilitate collaboration between industry and government as they develop EuroQCI projects in the 27 EU member states.

The Commission aims to develop EuroQCI into a Quantum Internet, linking quantum processors and sensors and enabling an EU-wide distributed quantum computing and communication capability. The initiative is an important component of the EU’s cybersecurity strategy.

“As coordinator of the PETRUS project, we are contributing towards making Europe a leader in quantum communication and bolstering the sovereignty and security of the EU’s communications,” said Daniela Theisinger, Managing Director Deutsche Telekom Global Business BeLux / France.