Dtac adds 3.7 mn digital services subscriptions after deploying Upstream

Dtac, Thailand’s third-largest operator, has reported an increase of 3.7 million digital services subscriptions in 12 months – after deploying Upstream solutions.
Upstream powers digital services of DtacDtac, in line with its strategy to capture growth in data services, has engaged mobile automation leader Upstream in order to extend its digital services, and to market the new offerings.

Dtac has experienced an increase of 174 percent in digital service acquisitions in 12 months, Upstream said in a statement. The campaign to transform the operator’s revenues saw Upstream onboarding 33 new providers, while managing over 80 digital services in total.

The digital portfolio covers popular revenue-generating consumer services including gaming, lifestyle, social, dating and horoscopes.

Upstream was able to deliver new subscribers by operating as the exclusive digital media buying partner for the mobile operator, tapping into 45 different traffic sources, including Facebook, TikTok, Google and Twitter. This was achieved securely due to the deployment of Secure-D feature, which ensures that only genuine, consumer-initiated transactions are completed.

Dtac executed the customer acquisition campaign using Upstream’s Grow platform, a multi-channel marketing automation system which allows for continuous optimization to be built into each campaign.

Dtac conducted consistent A/B testing across multiple creative concepts, landing pages, and user flows to maximize conversion rates. The campaign was delivering 250,000 new customer acquisitions per month by the first quarter of 2021.

“By working in partnership with Upstream we were able to drive fraud-free cross-vertical customer acquisitions by constantly improving and optimizing our campaigns,” Partomchai Tangnoi, Head of Platform Solution and Operation at dtac, said.

“dtac is an example to other operators of how you can tap into revenue growth from relevant, no-frills and fraud-free digital services,” said George Kalyvas, Chief Commercial Officer of Upstream.