Ericsson-Owned Vonage and AT&T to Boost Mobile Network Capabilities for Developers and Enterprises

Ericsson-owned Vonage and leading US communications service provider AT&T have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at empowering developers and enterprises through the utilization of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
AT&T 5G businessThe partnership, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2024, signifies a significant step towards leveraging the combined strengths of both entities to enhance scalability, business-case development, and security within the mobile network ecosystem.

By integrating Vonage’s communication and network APIs with AT&T’s API-enabled network capabilities, the collaboration seeks to foster innovation by creating an expansive ecosystem conducive to the development of cutting-edge solutions.

Yigal Elbaz, Senior Vice President of Network CTO at AT&T, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative venture, stating, “AT&T has been on a network transformation journey for many years, and our network has become a powerful platform for innovation. We are excited to invite developer communities to take advantage of these new network capabilities.”

Savinay Berry, Executive Vice President of Product and Engineering at Vonage, emphasized the potential for innovation within the partnership. “By combining our global communications and network APIs with AT&T’s mobile application development solutions, we will be able to together deliver innovative new services and capabilities to enterprises and end users, while accelerating innovation for the network.”

Central to the collaboration are Vonage’s communications and network APIs, which facilitate the seamless integration of communication capabilities into various applications, systems, and workflows. Together with AT&T’s network leadership, the companies aim to empower developers to build advanced, secure, and reliable applications by exposing 5G capabilities through APIs, thus driving open innovation within the ecosystem.

Key offerings from the collaboration include standardized CAMARA APIs, such as the Vonage Number Verification API, designed to deliver secure and reliable authentication of mobile devices in real-time, bolstering security measures against fraudulent activities without disrupting user experiences.

Furthermore, the AT&T Device Access API and Vonage SIM Swap API will provide additional layers of security to mobile phones, enhancing protection against potential threats.