Ericsson Signs Managed Services Contract with Telenor Sweden

Ericsson announced that it has signed a major managed services contract with Telenor Sweden, provider of data and telecommunication services.


Through the deal, Ericsson will gain valuable competence in the service area and reinforce its service business in the region.


Ericsson’s Service business has grown significantly over the past years, and the company foresees that the importance of services will continue to increase. Ericsson is well positioned to react to this scenario, thanks to the skills of its service professionals and the scale of its global operations in service delivery.


Ericsson employs more than 45,000 service professionals worldwide, the majority working regionally or locally. Ericsson has invested $1 billion in tools, methods and processes to secure capabilities and competence in service delivery.


Today Managed Services is one of the fastest growing areas in the telecom industry. With this new strategic partnership we gain valuable competencies and greater capabilities for us to continue to develop our service business, and to emphasize our long-term service commitment in the region,” said Robert Puskaric, head of Region Northern Europe and Central Asia, Ericsson.


The experience of Telenor’s employees and the best practices of Ericsson’s global services organization will benefit this entire community,” Puskaric added.


Our ambition is to build and operate the most modern network in Sweden, and Ericsson has throughout this process shown that they are willing to commit to this ambition,” said Magnus Zetterberg, chief technology officer, Telenor Sweden.


Ericsson has a clear plan for how to implement and develop the field-related activities, and we look forward to working with them on this. The industrial partnership between us will strengthen our competitiveness and be of great benefit to our customers throughout Sweden,” Zetterberg added.


Forty-four Telenor employees will join Ericsson’s Swedish service organization on July 1, 2011, as a result of the strategic managed services partnership.


Ericsson currently provides Telenor with solutions such as IMS, transmission networks and service platforms.


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