Eutelsat Communications and Skylogic unveil next-gen Tooway satellite service

Telecom Lead Europe: Eutelsat Communications in
partnership with Skylogic announced enhancements to its Tooway satellite
service which will enhance the speed and affordability of consumer satellite
broadband across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

The latest generation Tooway broadband services offers
higher bitrates, increased consumption profiles and lower entry costs. The
Tooway portfolio of services delivered via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT High
Throughput Satellite now offers download speeds of up to 18 Mbps and upload
speeds of up to 6Mbps. A new entry level package is also being launched, offering
download speeds of up to 2Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps.

“Today’s announcement shows our commitment to
further enhancing the performance of the Tooway service which
is fundamentally about connecting people – both those
in areas unserved and underserved by ADSL,” said Michel de
Rosen, Eutelsat CEO.

According to last month’s EU’s Digital Scorecard, as many
as 10 million homes in the EU27 are still not broadband-equipped. This means a
great opportunity for the company.

  We believe that the enhanced Tooway service and
the improved user equipment program will forward the move to satellite
broadband for those still struggling with mediocre Internet access,
depriving them of the social and economic benefits of broadband,” Rosen

Tooway broadband services are being progressively
commercialized by distributors integrating the new offers into their service


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