Globe Telecom blocks spam messages on its network

Globe Telecom Philippines
Anton Bonifacio, chief information security officer at Globe Telecom, has revealed that the company started blocking an estimated 100,000 spam / scam messages per day coming from other networks, beginning  last August 16.

The strategy of Globe Telecom is to further reduce spam / scam messages that go through its mobile network. Globe Telecom aims to improve customer experience by blocking annoying or unsolicited messages coming from other telecom network operators.

“We now block an average of 300,000 spam / scam messages daily coming from both Globe and other networks,” said Anton Bonifacio.

In February this year, the Philippines based company activated a fully automated mechanism to rid its network of spam and scam messages. Under the first phase of the program, the anti-spam mechanism blocked spam / scam messages coming from Globe network SIMs. Globe enhanced its anti-spamming tool to include messages sent by other network SIMs in the second phase of the program.

“The company has already blocked around 50 million spam / scam messages since February this year when its new blocking tool was set in place, with a daily average blocked messages of around 200,000 from Globe network alone,” Anton Bonifacio said.

The enhanced mechanism now covers the company’s mobile postpaid customers of more than 2.5 million and majority of its prepaid customers of close to 59 million.

Globe Telecom’s blocking tool includes a hardware and software solution with anti-spam algorithms, with a capacity that can filter up to 1 billion SMS a day.