Globe Telecom Embraces Artificial Intelligence Across Business Operations for Enhanced Services and Efficiency

Globe Telecom is expanding its utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors of its business, with the primary goals of elevating customer service, optimizing network operations, and streamlining financial services.
Globe Telecom 5G networkWith its ongoing digital transformation, Globe is actively tapping into the potential of AI to deliver unparalleled service and innovative solutions. Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom, emphasized the company’s steadfast commitment to the integration of AI technologies.

Key Highlights:

Versatile AI Integration: Globe is leveraging AI to enhance customer service, optimize network operations, and streamline financial services.

Innovative Applications: Cu highlighted the crucial role of AI in credit scoring, network optimization, and customer care. The company is exploring the integration of conversational AI to facilitate improved communication and automating credit scoring for efficient loan services.

Corporate Ventures: Globe’s venture builder, 917Ventures, is strategically incorporating AI into its ventures, aligning with the objective of addressing the technological needs of Filipinos.

Strategic Vision: The adoption of AI positions Globe at the forefront of technological advancement, establishing new standards for operational efficiency and customer service in the telecom industry.

Cu stated, “AI applications are widespread across Globe, such as in credit scoring within the FinTech sector of our business. We employ a substantial amount of AI and machine learning to determine the credit ratings of our millions of customers. In the area of networks in terms of optimization, in terms of operations, a lot of it can be automated as well through artificial intelligence.”

Transformative Impact on Customer Interaction:

AI is set to revolutionize the way Globe interacts with its customers. In the realm of Customer Care, the company is exploring conversational AI products using a Tagalog large language model to enhance communication. These advancements aim not only to improve conversations but also to efficiently address complex problems through automation.

Another noteworthy area where AI is making significant strides is in Globe’s lending business via GCash. The application of AI enables the automation of credit scoring, providing swift and accurate loan services.

Simultaneously, Globe’s corporate venture builder, 917Ventures, is actively exploring the integration of AI into ventures currently in incubation. This aligns with their long-term goal of addressing the most challenging technological needs of Filipinos with innovative tech solutions. 917Ventures plans to reveal more details about these AI-driven ventures in the near future.

Cu emphasized, “The use of AI extends beyond customer interaction, playing a crucial role in backend operations such as network optimization and operations automation. This not only improves service delivery but also boosts the company’s operational efficiency.”

Globe is also setting the pace in the fintech sector by employing machine learning algorithms for credit rating, processing millions of customers’ data to enhance financial inclusion and access to credit.

The adoption of AI underscores Globe’s forward-thinking approach, positioning the company at the forefront of technological advancement in the telecom industry. By seamlessly integrating AI across different facets of its business, Globe is not only optimizing its operations but also establishing a new standard for customer service and financial solutions.