Globe Telecom explores AI to revolutionize customer experience

Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, is embarking on a quest to tap into the vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to revolutionize customer experience by automating routine tasks.
Globe Telecom 5G businessIn a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, Ernest Cu, the Group President and CEO of Globe Telecom, highlighted the company’s focus on leveraging AI to drive cost reduction and enhance operational efficiency. Cu expressed his confidence in AI becoming a major catalyst for their ongoing initiatives.

AI, the capacity of computers and computer-controlled robots to perform tasks that traditionally required human intelligence, is proving to be a formidable competitor to human performance in various aspects. While it may not possess the entirety of human capabilities, AI has demonstrated remarkable promise in several areas.

Globe Telecom is currently exploring the vast potential of AI in augmenting customer service. Operations have emerged as a primary focus, as AI has showcased its efficacy in outbound calling, customer care, and collection processes.

Cu was particularly impressed with the Globe team’s successful implementation of AI in conducting customer interactions entirely in Tagalog, noting the human-like quality of these conversations and their potential effectiveness.

Internally, Globe Telecom is harnessing technology to bolster its employee care initiatives. In response to the global health pandemic, the company introduced the Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies (DUDE), an official health monitor, to ensure efficient program delivery.

Additionally, they deployed a recognition chatbot named Wanda, enabling employees to exchange e-cards. Furthermore, Globe implemented an AI-powered chatbot called EVA (Employee Virtual Assistant) to address employees’ HR-related queries.

With its commitment to advancing AI capabilities, Globe Telecom is poised to transform the customer experience landscape and drive innovation within the telecommunications industry.