Globe Telecom launches initiative to curb sale of illegal signal boosters

Globe Telecom is collaborating with major retailers of gadgets and IT equipment in an initiative that aims to curb the sale of illegal repeaters or signal boosters.

Signal boosters are used to boost network coverage and signal by hogging bandwidth from a legitimate network infrastructure. Repeater devices transmit or re-transmit in the cellular frequency bands. Only mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these brands.

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Memorandum Order 01-02-2013 prohibits the sale, use and possession of signal boosters without the approval of the regulatory agency.

The announcement from Globe Telecom underscores the mandate that also binds retailers from peddling signal boosters that do not comply with NTC specifications and therefore cause mobile network interference. Signal interference can lead to dropped calls, garbled lines and weak signal.


The collaboration aims to encourage large chain retailers including CD-R King General Merchandise, Electronics Boutique, and Smile-Com to discontinue the sale of illegal repeaters.

They will also stay away from promoting illegal repeaters through different means including listings, brochures, labels, flyers, advertisements and other printed or digital paraphernalia about mobile signal boosters.

The development is significant as many of the retailers have been unaware that the sale of such signal boosters has been illegal, says Atty. Froilan Castelo, head of Globe Corporate Legal Services Group.

Globe Telecom launched the campaign against illegal repeaters in 2011, following increasing incidence of signal interference cases, as revealed by the company’s own network monitoring group.

The telco also urged NTC to take proactive stance against illegal telecommunications equipment entering the country and being sold to the unsuspecting public.  So far, numerous incidences of interference had been noted particularly in the Metropolitan Manila area, the company said.

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