GSMA reveals new speakers at Mobile 360 – Africa conference

The GSMA announced additional speakers at the Mobile 360 – Africa conference on 17-19 July 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.
African smartphone user image by pri .orgNew speakers at Mobile 360 – Africa

Philip Amoateng, CEO of Airtel Rwanda

Omobola Johnson, chairperson of Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI)

George Mulamula, COO of COSTECH-DTBi

Gerald Otim, COO and co-founder of Ensibuuko

Mahir Sahin, head of Africa at Google

Lilian Makoi, founder and CEO at Jamii

Inderpal Mumick, CEO of Kirusa

Bernie Akporiaya, managing director of maTontine

Simon Karikari, CEO of Millicom Tanzania

JP Nsengimana, special advisor at Smart Africa

Vince Kadar, CEO of Telepin

Enrica Porcari, CIO and director Technology Division, World Food Programme