How Deutsche Telekom utilized $2.9 bn investment in Q3

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM revenue details
Telecom network operator Deutsche Telekom today said it made an investment of 2.7 billion euros or $2.93 billion towards Capex in the third quarter of 2015, up 8.2 percent.

Deutsche Telekom made telecom network related investment of 1.073 billion euros in Germany, 1.103 billion euros in the United States, 398 billion euros in Europe, 288 billion euros in Systems Solutions business and 69 billion euros in group services.

Spectrum related investment of Deutsche Telekom was 115 billion euros.

Deutsche Telekom has reduced its debt to 47.8 billion euros.

“We are resolutely forging ahead with our strategy,” said Tim Hottges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. “High investments in broadband roll-out and connectivity remain the basis for growth.”

Deutsche Telekom confirms its guidance for the full year 2015.


In Germany, the number of customers using fiber-optic broadband lines (VDSL and FTTH) increased by another 425,000 (retail and wholesale), said Deutsche Telekom.

Fiber-optic broadband reached another 600,000 households. The number of fiber-optic lines rose 75 percent to 3.84 million in Germany.

The number of branded broadband customers rose by 78,000. Deutsche Telekom’s revenue from broadband business grew 0.9 percent.

Hybrid broadband lines, in which Deutsche Telekom bundles the fixed network technology DSL and the mobile technology LTE, increased by 51,000 to 109,000.

Deutsche Telekom LTE network in Germany now covers 87 percent of the population against 79 percent.

United States

T-Mobile US achieved its annual target of population coverage of 300 million people with LTE technology in the third quarter.


Deutsche Telekom has converted 45 percent of the fixed network to IP-based. LTE network coverage reached 65 percent from 42 percent a year ago.

Deutsche Telekom said its Q3 2015 revenue rose 9.3 percent to 17 billion euros. Deutsche Telekom generated 5.59 billion euros revenue from Germany, 7.05 billion euros from the U.S., 3.19 billion euros from Europe and 2.11 billion euros from Systems Solutions enterprise business.

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