How Telefonica invested $5.5 bn in Capex in H1?

Telefonica said its Capex (capital spending) in the first half of 2015 rose 12.6 percent to 5,094 million euros or $5.59 billion.

The investment of Telefonica in Capex included 1,589 million euros in spectrum acquisitions — 1,195 million in Germany, 204 million in Argentina, 135 million in Ecuador and 6 million in Chile and 49 million in Spain.

Premises passed with fiber reached 12.5 million in Spain and 16.1 million in Brazil.

LTE population coverage in Europe reached 67 percent and 35 percent in Latin America. LTE sites in service grew to 25,000 and 89 percent of 3G and LTE base stations were connected at high-speed to the transmission network.
Total data traffic grew 40 percent — driven by mobile broadband (+52 percent) and fixed broadband (+39 percent). Average consumption per smartphone increased 30 percent — driven by higher LTE penetration.

Telefonica said its video revenue rose 34.8 percent to 541 million euros. Its digital services revenues grew 27 percent to 938 million euros.

Mobile data revenue increased 28.8 percent. Mobile data revenue represented 42 percent of mobile service revenues on the back of 11 percent increase in smartphone penetration and 6 percent growth in LTE customers.

LTE traffic is already representing 13 percent of mobile data traffic. Telefonica said its LTE customers rose 4.7 times to 18.6 million, representing 8 percent of total mobile accesses.

Baburajan K
[email protected]