How Vodafone India is growing its retail presence

Kavita Nair, national head of Retail and Digital, Vodafone India

Telecom operator Vodafone India says it has more than 9,800 branded retail stores, covering over 1.54 million sq.ft. and attracting more than 115 million footfalls annually.

The telecom service provider opened 200 Vodafone stores and 1,000 Vodafone Mini Stores across the country since April 2014.


# mass-market accessibility
# mobile internet zone
# one stop shop for all communication needs
# Vodafone Zoozoo merchandise at attractive prices
# fully Connected CRM
# free data transfer from one mobile handset to another
# 24X7 assistance for customers
# token based system
# activation of SIM card at the store in 2 hours

“Through our multi-tier retail format, we are close to our customers. This helps us understand their evolving needs better and service them comprehensively,” said Kavita Nair, national head of Retail and Digital, Vodafone India.

Vodafone has more than 9,800 retail stores, including 700+ Vodafone stores, 3,300+ Vodafone Mini Stores and 5,800+ Rural Mini Stores in over 300 towns and 5,000 villages across India.
Vodafone India store achievement

Vodafone has marked its presence through its Rural Mini Stores or Lal Dukaans in 5,000 plus villages in all circles.

Collectively, the 9,800+ branded retail stores welcome over 115 million customers and handle over 140 million transactions annually.

These retail stores have CRM to connect with customers through any channel, location or medium to fulfill their needs.

Its retail business provides employment to almost 15,000 people directly and indirectly. It continues to invest over 1.5 million hours annually in further coaching and developing the talent of its retail staff.

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