Huawei and Unitel to demo green energy solutions for mobile sites at MWC

Huawei in partnership with Angola Unitel to demonstrate green and smart digital energy solutions for mobile sites at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona.
Huawei and Unitel to demo green energy solutionsUnitel has worked with Huawei, the #1 telecom network supplier, in energy modernization and site Opex reduction since 2019. To date, Unitel has deployed more than 1,050 sets of high-performance cycle lithium batteries as well as the NetEco, and Power Cube solutions.

Huawei integrates advanced hybrid power, CloudLi, and NetEco solutions to help clients accelerate their move away from diesel generators and towards zero-carbon operations. These solutions can ultimately reduce diesel generator operating time by 75 percent and reduce Opex by 40 percent.

Such site digitalization and intelligence allows energy networks to be visualized, managed, and optimized, significantly improving O&M efficiency and site reliability. Both are key to simplified sites evolution, Opex reduction, and operational security.

Unitel’s Maintenance Department Director Jose Mavungo said Huawei’s green solutions are aligned with Unitel’s energy strategy. Unitel and Huawei are creating a dedicated team to digitalize existing sites for monitoring and optimization.

Unitel and Huawei have committed to supporting green energy modernization of existing sites, reducing the use of diesel generators, and introducing solar energy, smart lithium batteries, and NetEco systems to reduce fuel, site maintenance, and battery replacement costs.

Finally, for new services such as 5G and home broadband, Unitel also plans to work with Huawei on new green and low-carbon dual-energy target networks for 5G and home broadband. They plan to use a “5G + fixed network” strategy to reduce energy Capex and challenges brought by new services.