Hughes announces global launch of HughesNet Voice VoIP solution

Telecom Lead America: Hughes Network Systems, a provider of broadband satellite solutions and services, has launched HughesNet Voice, its feature-rich home Voice over IP (VoIP) solution, across the globe.

The new HughesNet Voice is already available to subscribers in the U.S. bundled with its high-speed satellite Internet service. The service brings significant savings in long distance calling together with advanced telephony features such as call forwarding to multiple phones and enhanced voicemail, including email and text notification.

Hughes has been deploying several VoIP over satellite deployments throughout the world. In Mexico, a Hughes VoIP solution serves more than 30,000 subscriber lines in remote villages. In Spain, Telefonica Spain uses Hughes VoIP in rural and remote areas for over 10,000 subscriber lines. Telkom South Africa is implementing an extensive Hughes VoIP network to reach approximately 5,000 customers who currently lack landline phone service.

HughesNet Voice is powered by the latest HughesNet Gen4 service delivery system that delivers high Quality of Service (QoS) calling as a result of new technology. HughesNet Gen4 service delivery system establishes dedicated bandwidth for voice traffic, eliminating interference with data running over their satellite Internet connection.

In the U.S., HughesNet Voice is available in a variety of plan options, including international calling, giving HughesNet customers a choice in selecting the bundle that best suits their needs. Users can save as much as 25 to 30 percent over traditional landline phone service.

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