Idea Cellular achieves significant increase in recharge value

Idea Cellular customer care center

Mahindra Comviva today said analytics based contextual marketing has allowed Idea Cellular to achieve significant increase in recharge value.

Interactive End-of-Call Notifications (iECON) offered by Mahindra Comviva has enabled Idea Cellular to transition to contextual marketing from segmented mass marketing campaigns.

“Rapid behavioral changes by consumers require focused and personalized marketing solutions. Idea has advanced to real time contextual and interactive offer campaigns. The solution is based on understanding the customer’s intent rather than mass marketing campaigns,” said Sashi Shankar, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular.

iEOCN is a digital marketing solution to improve marketing effectiveness by delivering contextual offers with end of call notification. The channel assures higher response rate as messages appended at the end of post call notifications are delivered to all consumers.

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