Idea Cellular : spectrum trading, M&A policy and broadband for all critical for telecom growth

Rajat Mukarji, chief corporate affairs officer, Idea Cellular, said major policies critical to investment in the Indian telecom include allowing spectrum sharing and trading; development of a favorable policy for M&A; and making available more quantum of spectrum for the needs of the growing data hungry consumers, and to achieve the NTP objective of Broadband for All.  

Idea Cellular veteran in a note said the victory of Narendra Modi-led BJP and NDA will bring a stable government at the center. “The thumping majority assures the prospect of a stable Government where inclusive growth will be the watch word,” Mukarji said.

For the telecom sector, which has empowered the citizens of the country with technology on mobile devices, there is an expectation from the new Government to get the sector back on track through positive and long-term policy making, he said.

Idea cellular

Last year, Idea Cellular contributed around Rs 17,000 Crore to Government on account of spectrum auctions as well as other fees/charges.

Idea expanded its 3G reach by adding 3,178 2G sites and 1,477 3G sites and increased the optical fibee network to 82,000 km further strengthening presence in NLD, ILD, ISP, data services and smartphone device business. “With our focus on promoting rural broadband penetration, we will soon be expanding 3G to two more circles – Punjab and Delhi,” Mukarji said.

The company said its focus on data business growth resulted in data volume more than doubling to 27,299 million MB and data business’ share of service revenue growing to 10.1 percent in Q4 FY 2014 against 6.6 percent in Q4 FY 2013.

TelecomLead News Team